How To Get To AbTeC Island

Every Friday, from noon to 2:00 pm E.S.T., we will be Activating AbTeC Island. Activating AbTeC Island is an experiment to see what can happen if we open an Aboriginally determined location in cyberspace. We will start by simply inviting folks to drop by and visit. To do so, you will need to download Second Life and get an account (which gets you your very own avatar!).

Once you’ve set that up, there are several ways to find the island.

Method #1
With Second Life running, paste the following link in your browser. It will open a window in Second Life that asks you if you’d like to go to this address. Say yes.

Method #2
Using Second Life’s Search function, select “Places” from the drop down menu, type “AbTeC ” into the search bar. We are the only hit.

Method #3
Under the World menu, select World Map, then type AbTeC into the search bar. Once you find us, click Teleport.

If you are accessing AbTeC Island during our hours, and none of these options work, or you find yourself trapped under a building (this has happened!) do a people search for the following team members who will be online to rescue you:

  • Abbi Zipper
  • Abbi Bigboots
  • Abbi Glom

(Anyone with the first name “Abbi” is a member of the AbTeC team.)

If you are still having trouble connecting, call us!
1-514-848-2424 x 5935

We look forward to seeing you!